Flat Coated Retriever Stud Dogs

At the moment, I held the Flat Coated Retriever stud dog "Brave Malik vom Palmblick", his pedigree is based on active hunting lines in Denmark, breeded in Hamburg by Gabriele Kipphardt, who suddenly died while her B-litter was a few weeks old.

Unfortunately I haven't had the ooportunity to meet her, but I am grateful and thank her deep from my heart for this fantastic dog.


Some impressions about our life, you find here.

You find Maliks pedigree here.

All official information about him, test results, health etc. on the DRC site.

Malik is HD/ED free. Gonioscopy was negative (by May 2017).

Where and who we are

Me and Malik live in Beverungen, a small town in central Germany, closed to Göttingen, Kassel and Paderborn.

We live in our own house, 200 mtrs to the wide meadows of the river 'Weser', surrounded by lakes, hills, forest, bushes and everything else you need for a happy retriever life.

I am running my own flower shops and an untertaking business. Since four generations.

Malik ist my second flat but the first one beeing so succesful in dummysport und hunting.

I have no further hobbies :-)

Working Flat

Malik is trained in dummysport and hunting. We work with cold an warm games and in November 2017 we ran the BLP test, a field work test with cold games. This is necessary for hunting performance breeding, which we officially achieved at Nov, 20th. 2017.


We both do hunting an picking-up and he is a patiently, quiet dog with a fantastic working habit to warm games. He is self-insure and knows everytime what to do.


Malik is a friendly, powerful, absolutely work willing flat with a cool, steady behave and an enormous ability to mark and long breathe to search.

He has all necessary tests and I lead him on different working tests during the year. In the most of them we achieved the upper 20%, got even top-seeded from place one to three (In the beginner class. We start with novice in 2018).

Update 2018: We now passed a few WT in Novie an achieved already the qualification for the open class, which we will gain in 2019.


If you are interested in Malik for breeding, don't hesitate to contact me.

Best way per E-Mail Kontakt@brave-boys-retriever.de

or by mobile phone


or on facebook.